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January 6, 2020 Home Design

Some Types of Roofs Based Material

New Roofs Home Design Inspiring on 2012

New Roofs Home Design Inspiring on 2017

The roof is an important part of the house fighting. The roof provides protection for the occupants from exposure to the weather. In addition, the roof is also able to add to the impression of beauty that makes the house look more attractive.

Therefore, need to be considered carefully as you would choose a roof. Make sure the type of roof or proper materials are used so as to create a nice impression. For roofing materials, there are a number of commonly used materials that can apliksikan according to the type of roof or home design.

Natural Roofs Home Design

Natural Roofs Home Design

2012 Roofs Home Design Ideas

2017Roofs Home Design Ideas

Here are some of the roof by the material:

  • Genting, bahantanah made of clay, ceramic, or concrete. Later there is also precarious made with synthetic materials that are lighter. If you have more budget, you can choose a better precarious. Especially critical is better and more superior because it is used as the roof of the building to reduce solar heat and noise due to rain. The roof with tiles also allow the entry of air in between pieces so that adds to the cool atmosphere of the house.
  • Asbestos sheet roof type is commonly used because it is cheaper than tiles. Especially when the installation is relatively easy, and does not require a lot of timber roof battens. In addition to asbestos are more durable and rarely suffered damage for a considerable period lama.Namun use of asbestos for roofing the house is actually not good for health as it can cause lung cancer. This happens because the asbestos fibers in the form of easy off and flying particles, so that when inhaled residents will be able to cause disease.
  • Zinc, zinc is cheaper than asbestos or precarious, and more durable. However, the use of zinc for the roof of the house is actually less profitable and many weaknesses. Besides being able to generate heat from the sun, zinc also cause noise and noisy when exposed to rain.
  • Policarbonat, the material is made of plastic and is commonly used as a roof for the less important parts of the house, such as the page for a car or a carport, front porch or the back of the house, or to the courtyard garden. This is because the price is relatively expensive.
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You can choose from the roof of what materials you will use, of course, adapted to the function and design of the house.

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