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Amazing Tropical Living Room Ideas on 2012 Popular

Amazing Tropical Living Room Ideas on 2017 Popular

Application bright colors are natural shades to be one of the characteristics of tropical interior design. Yes, tropical style architecture is an art that is environmentally friendly and designed according to the climatic conditions in the tropics.

For those of you who live in tropical regions such as Indonesia, tropical style fit perfectly if you are adopted into the interior of the house. Try creating an interior with a tropical feel in the living room for example. So as to create a pleasant first impression, making occupants feel serene, and certainly feel the sensation of coolness in the hands of middle-tropical climates where the air temperature is high.

Indonesia Tropical Living Room Design

Indonesia Tropical Living Room Design

Tropical Living Room Art Inspiring

Tropical Living Room Art Inspiring

Bring tropical style interior design in the living room to play using natural elements. You can apply bright colors combined with natural elements from space filler material like wood or rattan. For color, you can try to select a bright green color that looks fresh and the atmosphere makes residents feel relaxed.

Light green color you can make a dominant primary colors. Apply this color on all parts of the living room wall. Light green you can apply only on the wall as a background space. As for the element frame space filler you can use the color brown as the color green counterweight that makes the atmosphere feel comfortable.

Bring a brown color by incorporating furniture from rattan for example, chairs with floral patterned seat, coffee table, end table, and a shelf. Color matching is also applicable to accessories such as vases, picture frames, or other display as a decoration in your tropical themed living room.

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