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November 20, 2019 Home Design

Paired Color Inspiration for Home Ideas

New Home Interior Design Ideas for 2012

New Home Interior Design Ideas for 2017

Color is one element that can make a home look appealing. Application of the right colors can create an impression of beauty and of course also able to create a cozy home atmosphere.

Nice Home Interior Design Artistic

Nice Home Interior Design Artistic

Excellent Home Interior Design in 2012

Excellent Home Interior Design in 2017

The colors are applied to either the interior or exterior of the house will look attractive and give when you apply showing harmonious color combinations.

Through a combination of colors, you can earn a comfortable balance effect. However, application of the right color combination, it takes an understanding of the nuances of the colors accordingly.

For your convenience, here we provide some inspiration blend of house:

· The color shades of green are often used to reinforce the impression of fresh and experienced in the home, especially in the living room, dining room or patio. This can be reinforced by the arrangement of the front garden or rear garden with matching colored flowers of various plants, and laying plant pots scattered from the front porch.

· The orange color on the floor, walls and furniture, white fused to the ceiling, doors and windows, will bring the atmosphere of dusk (sunset) is full of peace and quiet that has a calming effect on the living room or bathroom.

· The combination of bright colors of red, orange, and yellow, and white interspersed with clean kitchen will warm the room together with dining room and “invite” the inhabitants to come eat with the family.

· The use of red, orange, and brown in the living room, den or family room, can create a romantic, exotic, and mysterious imaginative lure anyone who enters the space.

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Insiprasi colors on top can be a bad idea for you that will beautify the home with color.

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