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Victorian architecture can grow up to many countries because it has the impression of a luxurious, stylish and unique. In addition, the design is also able to bring up the value of its own beauty that makes it look awesome.

Victorian interior design is a product of Europe at the beginning of the industrial revolution, in which the machine makes it possible to create forms intricate carvings. Victorian interior design elements can be applied in your own home. How, you can follow some design principles that have been determined.

Victorian Kitchen Design

Victorian Kitchen Design

For example, notice the colors are the hallmark of which is usually used in the interior design of Victoria. Or lighting and ornamental furniture and accessories used. Victorian style is not only interesting to be applied in the living room, family room, or bedroom, but it also fits the style applied in the kitchen. Thus, the good atmosphere that makes you feel at home while on the move in it.

Hmmm … come up with the impression of a typical Victorian kitchen by applying a blend of colors such as beige and brown. These two colors are the colors that are commonly used in a Victorian building. You can apply a beige as the main color on the walls. Color matching can also be added to the kitchen furniture set, ambala, cabinet, and closet. Instead, the furniture is made of wood materials designed typical Victorian decor.

Well, then splash the color brown to give the impression of balanced and elegant as the table and the floor of parquet flooring types. Do not forget oriental rugs spread out on the floor, put a long curtain at the window, and use ornaments decorate the ceiling section profiles to create the feel of a luxury Victoria feels thick in your lovely kitchen.

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