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Ideas to Decorate Spanish Tea Room

Spanish living room ideas – Design your own tea room at home will give you a place to relax, have fun and display your dinnerware and accessories for a tea party. The styles and colors of upholstery, fresh flowers and plants, ware, works of art and decorative candles should complement each other to give a harmonious look to your living area.


Use upholstery to create a soft and cozy atmosphere. Curtains, cushions, tablecloths and seat cushions decorated with designs of flowers, such as roses and daisies, add an air of Spanish living room ideas to a tea room. Fabrics with birds and teacups add a country style. Natural fabrics such as cotton or linen casual maintain and increase comfort. Curtains can reach to the floor or to the windowsill and can be tied with decorative ties. Light curtains flapping in the breeze and add a relaxing feel to your living area.

Fresh flowers and plants

The fresh flowers and plants are indispensable in a tea room to bring a bit of nature indoors. Create elaborate arrangements in small vases or elegant to match the rest of the room decor. You can use any type of flowers, like roses and wildflowers. You can hang hanging baskets pots on front windows, and locate plants resting on the window sill or on pedestals in the corners of Spanish living room ideas. Keep too scented flowers and plants off the table in which you are serving food to prevent odours interfere with the aroma of food and tea.

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