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October 22, 2019 Interior Ideas

Ideas Home Decorating With Spanish Style

Ideas Home decorating with Spanish style – Based on the homes of Mexico and other countries where Spanish conquistadors settled, the Spanish colonial style has enjoyed great popularity. These houses were usually of low tile roofs, stucco walls hand-forged iron doors, a porch long and often a fenced yard or garden with a fountain. Now we will see some tips to recreate this style.

The predominant home material to decorating with Spanish style , both interior and exterior walls are stucco, which usually has a good finish to simulate traditional adobe mud bricks. The painting is of a neutral color like brown or beige or yellow and orange, Terracotta, or even blue. On the roof, you can install faux beams wood stained dark. Often, each end of the beam is supported by a bracket decorative . In some places, beam ceilings, natural fir or pine.

Using tiles or brick floor is indicated in the decorating with Spanish style , but you must select a type that looks a bit uneven handmade. They should be pinkish-orange color. You can use thick carpets woven Navajo or handmade rugs in bright colors or stripes to complete the effect. Then you must furnish in tune with the environment you want to recreate.

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