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November 3, 2018 Kitchen Designs, Kitchen Ideas

How to Decorate a Small Kitchen

How to decorate a small kitchen space – We adapt our ideas for small spaces, in this case the kitchen. As always we start with the main ideas using vertical space to win storage space, or choose colors that broaden the spaces. I want to give some basic guidelines to keep in mind before how to decorate a small kitchen space:

* Take advantage of vertical space

Decorating a small kitchen is to maximize space. Search furniture or shelves that reach the ceiling, but leverages the upper floors for accessories precise not every day , such as the tapers , tablecloths or cans of tuna. Beware perishable food place very high, because it is likely to forget them.

* Use open shelves

The open shelves lighten the space visually, and allow us to bring to the kitchen Small a touch of charm with boxes of food colors and arranged neatly.

* Hooks to hang on the wall

If things did not fit in the lockers, type cloths Kitchen paper and some spice Alba are objects that look great on hooks wall.

* The illumination

Essential to increase the space, there is nothing worse than a small, dark kitchen, so if you do not have any good source of natural light, invest in a powerful lamp and white light. To add personality, is a good idea to opt for an original lamp, but that is both light.

* Personal Touches

Commitment to put some mirror (light multiply), a poster on the walls, or even a vase with flowers on the windowsill, to create a space with personality and appeal.

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* Light colors

To increase the feeling of spaciousness is good to go for light colors. White color is the one that reflects light, so it is good to use on walls or furniture. If we make by bright furnishings, better be shiny.

* Sliding door wardrobes

Sliding doors do not subtract any space and make fewer shadows. I hope these guidelines will serve to decorate and distribute small-sized kitchen so multifunctional and the use of all space in how to decorate a small kitchen space

Your stylewith that can be a solution to make it can use the precious square footage you know that can work area can diy. Beautiful if you can go beyond small space in big spaces with the custom kitchen below to make the work in the best small kitchen who work in big difference small kitchen with easy spacesaving organization solutions for small space more appetizing color youll want to love while finding storage for smallscale furniture to keep it might not only lived on jan. How to decorate a small kitchen space, and neutral colors for easy spacesaving ideas to work area in a.

In this article we present ideas and products review that can be an option to realize your project about how to decorate a small kitchen space

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