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July 23, 2019 Exterior Ideas

How to Decorate a Small Garden

How to decorate a small garden in your home? What to do with a small garden or the manageable rectangle behind the row house? To make a small garden, is certainly much easier than a few hundred square meters of green area. The smaller the garden, the more careful he has to be thought through. We have to imagine a garden as a green (living) space. While a large garden allows several different “rooms”, one should decide in a small space for a particular style. A mix of styles is mostly wrong.

This is our solution about how to decorate a small garden:

  • What are the biggest mistakes in a small garden?

Often see a lot of fast-growing and short-lived plants in a small area. These are often explosively growing send plants that break the proportions of the garden. Another capital error is a level lawn with hedge around the outside. This is boring and lifeless.

  • Which plants are suitable for a small garden?

Ideal are slow and weak de woody plants grown and topiaries, so anything that can be easily cut, such as hedge plants or hornbeam or yew topiary trees such as apple or pear. Shrubs set striking accents. It is very nice, for example, the witch hazel or representative of the family of dogwood and snowballs. Grasses give a small green space and ease of movement.

  • As limited to a small garden so that it provides privacy, but does not restrict?

Often there are rules of what is allowed, such as terraced houses. In bam you should forego there in any case, the overgrown immediately to the neighbor. However, a beautiful leafy fence or columnar trees like oak pillars, columns hornbeam or yew.

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Finally, we hope this post about how to decorate a small garden can make you get inspiration.

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