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September 15, 2019 Family Room

Family Room Minimalist Design That Comfortable

Modern Family Room with White Color Design

Modern Family Room with White Color Design

Atmosphere that is simple and comfortable rooms you can create in your living room with minimalist style interior design apply. Art architecture this one will also make the room seem modern elegance.

Yes, it could be themed interior minimalist right idea for those who want the feel of the room is simple, practical, but still interesting. This style is suitable for interior with narrow size because it will maximize the function of the room. You can use minimalist concept for designing the interior of the house, one of which is the family room.

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New Modern Family Room Ideas

With the application of the minimalist style, family room will seem more comfortable and make you feel more at home as well as family gatherings and sharing together in it. Nuance minimalist in the living room you can create by bringing furniture or accessories designed simple yet elegant and clean.

In terms of color, you should choose a color that is characteristic of the minimalist design of the building is a white-gray color combination. Hmmm … the ambiance created by the application of color combination makes the living room look fresh soothing. For the walls, you should brush white. While the gray color more fitting when applied to the filler element outdoors to add an elegant modern feel.

Presents gray sofa and a table by the existence of a simple square design. To avoid monotony, you can insert a light green color as the accent is on symmetrically shaped wall hangings or pillows. Do not forget the brown fur rug spread out on the floor for an elegant look that comfortable in your living room.

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