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Ethnic Living Room Design

Amazing Ethnic Living Room for 2012

Amazing Ethnic Living Room for 2017

Apply ethnic style on the interior of the house like the living room will make the atmosphere warm. The living room also featured a unique and antique impression. In addition, the living room also will be an interesting place used to welcome the arrival of relatives or friends.

To display the ethnic theme in the living room, you can insert many components that carry the engraving or using elements from nature. For example, carved furniture from Jepara indonesia, or wooden bench is still the choice of many people. However, if you want ethnic style living room in your home does not look too heavy, you could be able to come up with ethnic nuances through application of color combined with simple furniture of wood or bamboo material.

2012 Ethnic Living Room Design for Classic

2017 Ethnic Living Room Design for Classic

Asian Ethnic Living Room Inspiring

Asian Ethnic Living Room Inspiring

Typically, the ethnic style design colors used are neutral colors such as beige and brown warm. You can apply two colors namely the space-forming elements and filler elements. The impression at once soothing warm antique will be created on ethnic-themed guest room in your home.

For the walls, you can blend the cream Wraps. Cream should be used as the main color that frames the entire side wall. This color can give a gentle touch of warmth and make the living room look light and airy. Thus, occupants will feel free and comfortable while being in it.

Next, give a touch of unique ethnic but not heavy with brown furniture such as presenting bamboo stools beranyam a white padded seat. Or by the presence of the wooden table, end table, picture frames, curtain design and ethnic decorations simple. Well, living a comfortable ethnic style is created in your home.

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