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Ethnic Interior Design Pas Applied In Dining Room

modern ethnic dining room design performance

Modern Ethnic Dining Room Design Performance

Ethnic style to be one that fits the architectural style you use to create the impression of interesting and bring out the warm tones in the dining room. That way, you and your family are getting close and happy while enjoying a meal together.

Ethnic design is the art of building that promotes a warm impression. Therefore, this style is usually wrapped using earthy colors. Incorporating elements carved from solid wood materials in the furniture. So, for those who want to adopt ethnic style, you can try it in the dining room.

Ethnic Dining Room

Ethnic Dining Room

Hmmm … ethnic design would seem fitting when applied in the dining room. Because it felt the warm touch of closeness able to provide for their residents. Appetite and your family will be getting up. For the concept of ethnicity in the dining room, the colors that you can choose the color brown is the color of a typical ethnic style design.

Apply color to brown on all elements of the dining room. Choose a light brown color to be applied to the wall. Color blend is able to avoid the impression of weight that is usually attached to the ethnic-style design. Color matching is also applicable for the type of flooring can be through the use of parquet flooring or ceramic.

After that, you can play using shades of dark brown on the filler element. Like the dining table and chairs from wood. Likewise, should you choose to cabinet made ​​of carved wood typical of a particular culture or region to highlight the (accent) ethnic nuances in the dining room. So that the atmosphere does not look stiff, you can put a green plant in the corner. That way, the ethnic-themed dining room still feels fresh.

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