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2012 Green Family Room Trends

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Create a feel of freshness that makes the mind to relax in the living room by applying the color green. Yes, green is the color that is widely used to create an impression of relaxed and calm.

Green Family Room Design Ideas

Green Family Room Design Ideas

So the atmosphere is right if you are present in the family room. Because in this room usually used as a gathering area and share with family and is also often used as a place to relieve the stress of daily activities. Thus, green pas if you choose to apply to the family room.

With a blend of green, you and your family will feel more comfortable and better able to relax when chatting, sharing stories together, or just chatting. In addition, the color green will also bring a soothing feel of freshness in the family room in your home. To make the green more comfortable but still seem familiar to residents and closer, to apply it, you can be sewn together with white and brown colors.

For green color, you can select the type of atmosphere so that the fresh green which gives a soothing sensation of coolness seemed so strong in your family room. Then, apply the color green is in all areas of the wall. Hmmm … You can add a feel of freshness by applying a blend of colors on the ceiling, door frames, windows, doors, or can be put on a white lamp shade accessories.

Furthermore, you can offset the impression that is too cool to combine the brown color. Apply a light brown color on the walls and light brown color that tends toward a beige sofa for furniture, cabinets, shelves, corner table, and curtains. That way, family room atmosphere was relaxed but still gives the impression of the familiar.

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