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September 4, 2019 Home Design

Create Design Terrace The Attractive and Convenient

Natural Terrace Design Inspiring

Natural Terrace Design Inspiring

Terrace is an integral part of a house. Terrace is usually located at the front of the dwelling. Terrace serves as a liaison between the exterior and interior. However, not infrequently porch used as a gathering place with family or receive guests.

Just like the interior, the design of your patio will also need to pay attention so as to give the impression that is not only attractive but also comfortable and make a stand. To create a pleasant terrace, there are some things you should consider include the selection of materials and colors used.

Luxury Terrace Design Ideas

Luxury Terrace Design Ideas

Modern Terrace Design

Modern Terrace Design

Wall material selection, to the wall of the front porch, you can use a variety of materials or combine various materials to form one unified field of decorative high aesthetic value. For example, you can use the exposed brick, solid wood with a variety of patterns, walls, or can be put on the walls of natural stone materials (sandstone, stone temples, marble, coral, granite, andesite).

The selection of material for the floor, because the patio is a semi-open area and is outside the house, then the selection of the type of material tailored to the nature of the area. To open and semi-outdoor area, you should use materials that are more coarse texture. For the porch floor, avoid the use of materials as small as slippery and porous ceramics for space in the house. Use terasso or large porous ceramic as you normally use for the bathroom. You can also use natural stone for floor patio, make sure natural stone for floors have been given coating to prevent water from entering the pores. In addition, natural stone will also be spared moss attached to the floor.

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Color of the terrace, to color the floor is better adapted to the rest of the house. For its part wall porch, colors used are more inclined towards a little color cerah.Karena, a bit of bright color, can provide camouflage against dust so that the patio always looks clean.

A little touch on your patio will give a different impression than before.

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