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June 23, 2019 Garden

Coral Stone Charm as an Ornamental Garden

Home Decoration Garden With Coral Stone

Home Decoration Garden With Coral Stone

Park no longer be a mere complement to a residential building. Often the home will look very beautiful with the presence of the park are arranged beautifully. Various ways can be applied in order to enjoy the natural park. One way is to bring elements of coral that can be used as aesthetic elements of your garden. In addition, a combination to balance the soft materials (softscape) because the rocks are hard materials (hardscape) in a park. Coral will stand out as one that makes a beautiful garden if arranged with the beautiful. You just select the shape, colors, and sizes to suit your garden style concept.

Natural Stone Pebbles

Natural Stone Pebbles

In addition to decorative, coral also has another role in your garden. Coral is sown and is located on the ground under the roof of the house serves as a water catchment. “Drops of water from the roof will go to a sprinkling of pebbles so that water is not splashed into the garden wall. In addition, the stretch of coral in the park has benefited from a health standpoint. Natural stone this one can be used as a tool for reflexology foot massage. You simply walk above a sprinkling of coral stone in your garden. rough rocky surface you will walk on the blood circulation. of particular interest is the size of stones that need to be adjusted to the concept of the park. you should choose a small-sized pebbles are sown neat little Japanese garden on the ground that follow a certain pattern.

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