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June 29, 2019 Dining Room

Comfortable Dining Room and Not Boring With Ethnic Style

Natural Ethnic Dining Room Concept

Natural Ethnic Dining Room Concept

Unique and antique that’s the impression given from ethnic-style interior design. Actual distinctive style to adopt characteristics of this particular culture you can make the idea to create a different impression of the interior of the house.

Ethnic style is usually taken from the culture and characteristics of a particular area. The advantage of this style is able to give the impression of a warm and not boring if applied to one room. Interior with ethnic style is usually synonymous with carved elements that possess natural impression and be able to bring an atmosphere of warmth.

Classic Ethnic Dining Room Ideas

Classic Ethnic Dining Room Ideas

2012 Ethnic Dining Room Architecture Decor

2017 Ethnic Dining Room Architecture Decor

Therefore, ethnic style applied to a room can create a natural feel that gives a touch of comfort to the occupants. For furniture elements, ethnic style interior revolves around the use of bamboo or wood materials. Furniture used carved, designed so as to make it look luxurious atmosphere and must have a high aesthetic value.

Well, if you are interested in ethnic style design, you can mengaadopsinya into a dwelling, such as the dining room. By displaying ethnic design, the dining room will be a warm and no longer boring when used as area to spend time with family while enjoying a meal.

To create ethnic-themed dining room, not only through the use of ornaments such as indoor dining table and chairs carved from wood materials, antique wall hangings, batik cloth or with a stick on the wall. However, you can also strengthen the concept of ethnicity with the play of color is brown on white blends furniture and accessories for the walls and ceiling. That way, the atmosphere will be impressed comfortable.

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