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October 6, 2019 Kitchen

Combined Blue Color Cream For Comfortable Atmosphere In The Kitchen

2012 Blue Kitchens with Grey Art

2017 Blue Kitchens with Grey Art

So that you can do the cooking with a more comfortable atmosphere, you can try to apply a blue color blends with the beige color to design your kitchen at home. Through these two colors, the kitchen seemed different.

2012 Blue Kitchens Design

2017 Blue Kitchens Design

Blue Kitchens Art

Blue Kitchens Art

Grey Blue Kitchens Designs

Grey Blue Kitchens Designs

Blue Kitchens Design with Grey Color

Blue Kitchens Design with Grey Color

Nice Blue Kitchens Designs for 2012

Nice Blue Kitchens Designs for 2017

The color blue is a cool color that has an effect that could bring the atmosphere of calm, cool, and gives a pleasant freshness sensani. While shades of beige are neutral brown, soft, and brings the feel of tranquility and light impression. When the blue and beige and blue combined to design the kitchen, then came the impression that comfort you feel at home during the move in it.

In addition, the combination of blue and cream also can create the feel of a clean kitchen shows up that makes more sense. For those of you who tertari to apply the color combination of blue and beige, it’s good for your choice of blue shades of blue so it looks lighter and more comfortable giving a fresh touch to the kitchen.

Create the kitchen looks refreshing with a light blue color splashed on the walls. The atmosphere is created thanks to the freshness of blue iridescence is able to bring comfort to the atmosphere at this busy area. Then, make the kitchen look more spacious and modern with a cream color blends.

Wraps beige color that is on the kitchen sets, cabinets, shelves, and cabinets. The beige color makes kitchen look soft, you also increasingly felt at home when preparing meals for the family. So that the kitchen seemed more fresh and clean, you can insert white for example on the floor or ceiling.

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Hmmm … so, the atmosphere created to make you happy when you are in the kitchen.

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