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Color Rain For The Good Work Space

2012 Colorful Office Room Design Ideas

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To create office space look attractive as well as providing a pleasant feel, it helps if you apply bright colors. In addition to create an impression of attractive, bright colors blend well to create an impression that is able to encourage morale.

Create a workspace in your office do not look boring by applying the colors are more bold. In order not to disturb the comfort, you can do the exact arrangement. For example, by juxtaposing these colors with other colors that have a more calm and quiet tone.

Bright colors that you can try to apply to create the impression of appealing to such office space is the color of orange and citrus green. Both were able to bring a cheerful and bright shades make people be more enthusiastic and be creative in completing their work. Both the color orange and citrus green color you can choose a color that frames the wall.

You can combine the colors orange and citrus green color and then apply on the wall. For the three parts of the walls you can use green citrus dressing, while the color orange can be presented on one side wall of the rest. Paired two bright colors makes the workspace look live, seem different, and gives a touch of fun.

To offset the impression that is too bright, color insert with characters such as calmly brown. This color can be applied to the floor or furniture such as desks and office chairs, shelves, cabinets, corner table, pot accessories. Or brown can also apply on the frame, windows and doors. That way, the working space in your office will look more fresh, cheerful but still has the feel comfortable and make employees work more energetic.

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